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for all the croatian speaking visitors here is something that might interest you. rand (the organization i’m working with is organizing a inter religious training. you can find out more if you go to the rand blog. if you want to know more about rand, visit rand’s website.


political t-shirts

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i loved this one. they have really creative t-shirts. go and check it out!!! demockratees…godblessreg9.jpg


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i wrote this a week ago and realized i didn’t publish it. my mistake…

i’m in novi sad now which is in serbia where i’m at a meeting with several people who are catholics, protestant and muslims. we are preparing an inter-religious conference for 2008 with the theme “through building peace we glorify god” – saying no to violence – the way to togetherness (this is a very bad translation, but i don’t know how to do it better now). If you are interested in attending this conference, let me know and i’ll see that you get on the list when we send out info about the conference.

while with the team, we always have long discussions afterwards, which was till 1 in the morning this night, and it didn’t end up much earlier the night before (this might sound not that late, but if you have a discussion about the program for the conference the whole day, it is.

well we were talking about the problem in this region of ex-yugoslavia where we had war and are now still in the process of getting all those who committed the worst crimes, and as much as we agree that they must end up on court, we are worried that this will not be the final solution to the problems. the people will not feel that justice is done. how much is enough punishment (how many years) for my family, children, friends who have been killed? even when you ask those who were close to the victims don’t know the answer to this question. the problem, it is not bringing those who died back, the situation is not undone. more and more i realize the importance of forgiveness. it is hard. i can’t even imagine. but what other way is there to inner and outer peace? what can we do to help those people to move on?

those are difficult questions i know, at least i don’t think there are simple answers. feel free to comment…

that’s me

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this is definitely how i feel. i think this is a great illustration of what i look like (at least inside of me) when i go to a church.



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have to see these cartoons! just great! asbo jesus


naked pastor

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i just found a very interesting blog of a non-conventional pastor. go and check it out. i love the cartoons, and i love his thoughts. have fun.

here is one cartoon so you know what i’m talking about. they are all about pastors.


Saved! – Trailer

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i watched this movie for a second time and i wanted to suggest it as must see for all of you that come from a protestant background. there is so much truth about what is happening in protestant communities (of course there are exceptions). hope you’ll find it and let me know what you think!

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